Cogs and Commissars

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Cogs and Commissars is a "take that" drafting card game about the glorious robot revolution. Become your robot party's Propaganda Minister and win the citizens over to your revolutionary cause! Use every trick in the dystopian book to brainwash the masses and stop your opponents in their treads!

At its core, Cogs and Commissars is a casual drafting game about growing/stealing a following of robots. Your seven-card hand determines which actions are available to you that round. Hand management is key; look for winning combinations. During your turn, you might rouse the proletariat, reprogram the bourgeoisie, or even recruit valuable commissars. Each of these citizens are worth points; when you have 15 points of citizens, you may attempt a revolution! The first player to successfully pull off playing their revolution card wins.

—description from the publisher

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