Fireball Island: The Curse of Vul-Kar

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Description from the publisher:

Welcome to Fireball Island! You may have heard stories. You may have visited when you were younger. Perhaps you even saw a fireball engulf a fellow traveler in a hellscape of horror that makes you afraid to close your eyes at night. Whatever the case…welcome back!

Turns out that good ol' Vul-Kar, our neighborhood idol, didn't like having his gem stolen way back when, so there has been some volcanic upheaval, an unprecedented explosion in our snake population, inexplicable tigers, giant spiders, new types of trees bent on ending human life, and a metric crapton of bees everywhere — really nothing that you wouldn't find on any remote island with no medical facility. It's not for everyone, but those who enjoy a brisk walk followed by a long scream and then sudden silence will have a lovely day*.

We are currently putting our finishing touches on our grand reopening. Start your day of adventure and treasure hunting at our base lodge. Be sure to wave while signing the waiver so you can get your photo at day's end.** Some areas are old favorites, like Viper Pass and Skeleton Head Beach, but also take time while here to visit our new locations***.

Take some time to visit Vul-Kar. He’s not as scary up close. We promise. Closer. There we go. Feed him. Feed his need. Please be the one he takes today....

Welcome back to Fireball Island: The Curse of Vul-Kar, where your dreams come true! Especially the one about falling into a pit.

A day is defined as anything lasting longer than 47 minutes.
By having your photograph taken, you consent to its use to identify your remains.
New locations not named yet due to Vul-Kar's mind haze that affects cognitive reasoning within two miles of him.

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Length (inches) 18.399999981232
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