Most Wanted

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Most Wanted is a western-themed game where you and your fellow bandits compete to become the most notorious outlaw of the land. As your infamy increases with each thrilling heist, so will the amount of bail money needed for when your "well-thought-out" plans go wrong. The first player to 13 points has the dubious honor of winning. Go get 'em, partner! Most Wanted is a poker-style game that will get your friends bluffing, cheering, and talking in silly accents. It's simple enough to play with kids and the extended family, but interesting enough to play as a fun filler at game night.

How to Play:
On your turn, choose 1 out of 6 possible actions. Two of the six actions are simple ways to replenish your hand and further your position for future robberies. The other 4 actions are risky robberies where you might go head to head with other players using various high-card poker hands. The only way to get points is to take a risk, so don't be shy! The penalty for failing a robbery is small: just pay bail and go about your business.

3 alternate actions are included on the backside of the Action Cards to spice up gameplay.

1 Scoreboard
72 Playing Cards
8 Characters on Stands
6 Action Cards (double sided)
63 Money Tokens
1 Rule Booklet

More Information
Width (inches) 7.87401574
Height (inches) 2.5984251942
Length (inches) 10.3543306981
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