The Networks: Executives

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The Networks: Executives, a full expansion for The Networks, changes the gameplay in a few ways.

First, the players all choose a Network Executive at the start of the game. Each Network Executive has their own advantages and drawbacks.

Second, there is a new deck of Show Cards with a different mix of Genres. Each Genre now has an equal chance of appearing, unlike in the base game where Reality and Sports shows were less common. However, Sports Shows now have a higher upkeep, and Reality Shows don't get you as many Viewers on average as another Show with a bunch of Stars.

Third, players no longer automatically get starting Public Access Shows, Stars, or Ads. Instead there is a starting "Season 0" draft in which players pick their starting TV shows. These starting Shows determine a player's starting resources, like Stars, Ads, and extra money.

Fourth, the 5-Show Genre Bonus is now different. It now works just like the 3-Show Genre Bonus, plus you get to choose a Power Card. These Power Cards are named appropriately; they will give you a huge point boost!

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